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Niagara (continued) part 3

"Ohhhhhhhhh........." I couldn't aid myself.
Henri traced, with the very tip his own right index finger the surface of that crevice from underneath and close to where I'd earlier marinated my own index finger to the apex where twin dimples I'd committed to memory on prom night almost a decade earlier had sealed my heart. Their kiss went on.
This guy loitered then with his index fingers my discover, these twin dimples, his opposing thumbs keeping the costume at bay and away from one of God's miracles on earth.

Bethany Receives AfroSheened Ch 06 part 5

Then this babe wrapped her left hand around the base of his shaft during the time that her index finger of her right hand rubbed his pee-hole. This babe teased it by gently scratching the cunt with her nail. The mushroom head reacted, swelled and produced a tear of pre-cum. Then this babe tapped the shaft with the nails of her left hand and it grew even greater amount.

AGrade Student part 5

This guy rubbed the tip in a circular motion, smearing some of the gel over the thick bulb, then, with a grin of gratification, crammed against the gal's constricted sphincter. Surprisingly, the aperture remained clenched and closed. Lucas shoved harder, but to no avail. This guy licked the end of his index finger and stroked it around the gal's backdoor, then, wiggling insistently, managed to slide it past her ring.


upstairs; in Katie's room.
"Maybe if I just hold one I'll watch what everybody else sees in it" this babe
thought to herself. "I mean I'm not really gonna smoke, I'm in soccer
and it would ruin my running or smth. Plus I mean after anything I
did to Katie" Still this babe took a cigarette without the box and put it betwixt
her index and middle fingers the same way this babe'd seen Katie and her allies

The Resort part 22

This babe reached back, cupping a buttock in every hand and widen her cheeks, shoving her bottom up. Cimmeron used his index finger to put lube in her backdoor and then put greater amount greater amount lube on his dick. This guy started fucking her butt, moving just the tip of his dick in and out, then gradually moving deeper. This babe moved her right hand to her clitoris and fingered herself as this guy screwed her.

On the Farm (Summer of 61) part 6

was trying to kiss somebody was nice-looking excellent.
We got a little braver with the rubber, this guy got his index finger betwixt it
and my shaft, and worked his way to the end. There was no tank, just a
blunt tip, and I watched his finger probe in the semen, and then stick his
finger inside my skin, getting the cum around my glans. I did the same with him,


This babe took a picture then ran her thumb over the nipp. Grinning, this babe leaned forward and kissed it, engulfing it into her throat lightly. This babe took some other picture. This babe considered using her teeth, but decided that might cut throughout his sl**p.
Instead, this babe moved her hand to his shorts, situating it so that his bulge ran along her palm and out throughout the vee formed by her thumb and index finger.

Bob and Becky part 39

"No, u're nice and juicy already. I'm gonna pump u for a during the time that, then take up with the tongue and pump." I continued to shove my finger in, surprised at how easily it was going. This babe was very juicy, and I began pumping in and without her. This babe was responding, her hips moving against me, her breath coming in ragged bursts.
"Oh, oh, oh," this babe told, "tiny agonorgasmos now!" and this babe grunted.

Watching my Waitress part 2

I start to rotate my finger, as u whisper a groan and take up with the tongue your lips.
'U're getting very juicy.” I whisper, do u like that?”
U nod, and I proceed, slipping my finger up and down your labia, your legs part encouraging me.
I move my hand lower, and shove my index finger inside of u, during the time that still stoking your clitoris with my thumb.

Valerie part II part 4

I stood up and grabbed the pillow, turned around and put it on the dresser behind me. I motioned to her with my index finger curling toward me and told to her "Over here" pointing to the pillow. This babe quickly got up and sat on the pillow lifting her legs up showing that red bush to me. The dresser was just the right height where I didn't get to bow or tiptoe to have to her.

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