» 1962 war ship found at bering sea

1962 war ship found at bering sea

Travel INTO f****y Joy part 2

lived down the road.
Within an hour, they came and got me. I was grounded
for the summer, which was 2 weeks away.
I got whipping at age 15, by my 36 year old mommy, my
grandma and grandad. They took me back to the country '
5 miles from anyone, where I was to spend the summer.
Back then, in 1962, u couldn't receive vagina in the
country coz when u visited a gal, her parents

Captured by Pirates

Held By Pirates
Tanya and I had been trying to keep without the way of the guys on the Pirate Ship ever since we stowed away after they sunk our ship. We had climbed aboard during the night Two weeks agone, stole some easy garments so we would costume like guys and threw our dresses overboard. The Pirates figured we were just some youthful guys from the powder magazine and didn't pay much attention to us but that wasn't to final.

Sweethearts WHIPPED part 2

One of her spouse's business associates met the ship at Cape City, South Africa and welcomed the 2 sweethearts into his home. After visiting for a week, Nora and her daughter, Jodie, left for a guided voyage of the inner hoping to watch wild a****ls and native villages. The following story is what happened as a result of her daughter's poor judgment.

My 1st Trio

Tina was quite latterly. This babe was gutted that I had found her bisexual dream and was embarassed by the fact that I knew. It didn't matter now - it was all out in the open. I was working late when I 1st discovered out - I arrived home and found her and her ally Emily giving a kiss and caressing every other's nude bodies...

Captured by Pirates part 4

We woke many hours later and could tell from the list of the ship that we were beneath way in a rigid breeze, but what surprised us was that we had been bathed, scented with perfume and clothed in some very wonderful French undergarments. We ventured out onto the heaving deck; all the guys were busy trimming the sails and attending the rigging. I asked the Captain where we were heading and this guy replied that we would be dropped off at the next English Colony along the coast.

Mother and Daughter Whipped

Nora was a 42 year old widow who had at no time traveled beyond Missouri. Her spouse was a successful business guy who owned several big factories and at no time took a vacation. When this guy died of a biggest heart attack at 45 this guy left her with a Twenty one year old daughter who was a junior in college and a lot of property and wealth. Robert died in January of 1932 and by late May, when her daughter came home from college, Nora was willing to stop mourning and receive on with her life.

The Captains Wife (Chapter Two)

Chapter Two - The Aftermath
I awoke to a shocking cold and wetness. I discovered my raiment moist and as I tried to sit up I found my head was pulsating and spinning. It took me a not many moments to understand where I was.
I was on deck, apparently. It was day, a gorgeous blue sky with scarcely any clouds was above us and the sea was calm as far as the eye could watch.

Vignettes on Growing Up Male part 4

I went into a stroke marathon that has lasted until now. A major difference betwixt then and now is/was that for years I jacked off at least twice a day, and sometimes as often as four. Now way less. It didn't take me lengthy to show the 'camper gals' what I had found. They loved watching, but were always amazed at how rapidly after I 'discharged' that I was softer for at least 15 minutes.

Immature girl has finally found a huge lovely cock

Immature girl has finally found a huge lovely cock

Immature girl has finally found a huge lovely cock

s*s CHANGED IT ALL part 19

"Well, u can engulf it, u know I love it when u do," this guy said her.
"Await until they're throughout, I'm so hawt watching 'em," this babe told as this babe stroked Daddy with one hand and fingered herself with the other.
As nice as my s****r is engulfing me, it didn't take too lengthy in advance of I was moaning and shooting her nice-looking, little throat full as our parents applauded us from their cruise ship cabin.

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