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The Lift

Working late at the office, quickly warp all your things, and head to the elevator. Anything is quite at those late hours, hardly anyone around.
---ding--- the lift doors open.
U try to button your jacket as u walk in, not realizing there's somebody inside.
As u bump your head into the chest of the guy standing in the elevator, this guy drops a folder on the floor, and papers begin flying everywhere.

The Insurance Lady part 2

This babe now had her left leg crossed side on to him.A good area of leg.
This babe started to talk about how this babe would survey the flat and explained all the admin.This babe flirted on the fact that this guy was by himself when this guy told this guy would get to clean up himself after the decorating was finished.
This babe made to look for her tape measure,swingin from right to left and back looking from folder to folder and this guy got a gorgeous glimpse of white panties framed in nylons.This guy was now vertical as this guy went to receive a tape measure from the drawer in the kichen.

I watched her part 31

After lathering her pubes up with the shaving ball batter, this babe picked up the razor and took a light swipe over her mound, leaving behind a smooth stripe of skin.
This babe Iterated this several times, rinsing the razor off in-between passes. One time this babe was completely hair-free and rinsed off, her fingers slipped over her smooth flesh and betwixt her folds.

'A Tale of 2 Mommys Book 3'

A Tale of 2 Mommys ' Book 3
Some other biographical dream by DizzyD
Story Codes: Fb, Ff, fb, mom-son, mom-dau, inc, voy, mast. fellatio
This story is purely a work of fiction, and during the time that parts may depict actual occurrences, it's not intended to by biographical. It's protected beneath law, and conforms to all legal statutes and is protected beneath the Byrne Convention.

How I Became a Chastized Cuckold part 4

story I read over the past not many months that focused on wives dominating their
husbands appears to be to swim throughout my embarrassed thoughts.
I know you've been hiding smth from me not long ago and I wanna bring it
out in the open so we can talk it out," this babe began, speaking softly the ease
the tension this babe could clearly watch on my face. "3 weeks agone I was having

this babe couldn't receive preggo this babe told was free to d part 2

This babe grabbed my butt and pulled me close to her.
I think u hit bottom chap, let us back this off some.
This babe closed her legs some and protected the depths as I went to work. This babe had her 1st agonorgasmos with in a minute or so, said me to stop for a bit. Let her have a fun this.
I laid there and enjoyed her big breast during the time that I laid in her soaking in her.

Nice Old Days part 12

Erica relented and released my hand, looking a little nervous as this babe
stepped back.
"Ok," this babe told lastly. "But I've to warm u, they're nice-looking
"Hey!" I exclaimed, placing my hand back on the mouse. "The dirtier the
more good!"
Erica smiled and then directed me to the folder containing the videos,
as if I didn't know.

The Lift part 5

Filling u with load after load, of thick white jism.

You're the one and the other motion less. His dick still buried inside u, but u can feel it's beginning to shrink and escape. U pull yourself up, stealing a quick look in the mirror ' no ' u shouldn't have looked ' you're a mess '. U smile. The guy leans closer to plant a little kiss at the side of your neck.

Playing with my clone part 7

taking a greater amount active role, this guy likewise made slow circling motions with his
bottom, so that my hard cock would whip against his butt crack, which
was solely slightly protected by the tiny string. This guy parted our kiss for
a pont of time, during the time that this guy with nearly c***dish grin grabbed under him and
moved the string sideways and tucked it beneath my cock, so that my cock

Sexy Mother I'd like to fuck/Wife part 3

When the dance was over, we returned to the table. I started to rub .... breasts.
and i continued to play with her nipp.
As we continued to swallow, i didn't miss a beat as i slip my other hand into her haunch and was traveling up her petticoat. I caressed with her breasts and then i put my hand up her costume to a semi protected vagina and began to fondle her throughout her pants. .

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