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Spying on Mommy part 16

Everybody told
Stuart had the best-looking mother. Some of the men would snicker, and Stuart knew they were thinking about fucking his mother. They always talked about sweethearts like that-this one would be good to fuck, during the time that that one was a dog. Stuart's mother, they told, was definitely not a dog. The men would take a vote and Stuart's mother would always come out number one.

Spying on Mommy part 88

As far as I can tell, Christie's done anything."And so the arrangements were made. Pat wasn't certain it was the right thing to do. Christie would be the 1st person to know about her and Stuart. This babe hoped the gal was smart sufficiently not to talk. Stuart told this babe was. This guy told Christie could be trusted. Pat decided that sooner or later this babe and Stuart had to take chances with people.

Spying on Mommy part 92

All that hawt spunk in her throat,Now Christie took her throat off Stuart's dick. "I love this large prick.""It's not that large," Stuart told.
"Large around. That's the most good, isn't it, Mrs. Miller?"Pat nodded. "Yep, I think so. But call me Pat, won't u?"Christie giggled. "I forgot."But Pat was convinced Christie had done it deliberately. Mrs.

Spying on Mommy part 97

"U're teasing me."Pat went to the armchair and bent over with her hands on the seat to be taken doggy style. This babe looked over her shoulder at Stuart.
"Fuck me," this babe told "It's my turn now."Stuart was behind her in a pont of time. This guy hadn't come yet and his dick was like steel. This guy quickly drilled his prick inside his mother's steaming slit.

Spying on Mommy part 91

The gal opened her haunches and Stuart rubbed her crotch throughout her denim shorts. Suddenly Christie broke away and looked at Pat.
"Let me watch him feel u up."Pat was ready. When Stuart came to her, this babe rose up and they clinched. Stuart caressed her breasts throughout her jumpsuit. Then this guy pulled the zipper down the front and stripped one of her breasts.

Spying on Mommy part 96

This guy sat on the sofa jerking his cock as this guy looked at 'em.
"That blew my mind," this guy told.
Christie looked at Pat and blushed. "Mine, too.""Why don't u fuck her?" Pat told to Stuart. "This babe's willing for it now and I wanna watch it."
Christie straddled Stuart's lap. Her knees on the sofa, this babe raised her butt to make room to receive his dick in her vagina.

Spying on Mommy part 109

Pat grunted, opened her butt and his prick popped inside.
"Oh yeah!" Stuart told. Gripping her asswith his hands, this guy drove forward to bury his dick to the hilt in her lavatory.
Helen quivered. This babe liked no thing more good than a hawt prick up her butt. This babe at no time let anyone do it except Jimmy. This babe thought maybe tonight this babe would break her rule and let Stuart fuck her butt.

Spying on Mommy part 108

This guy peeled his shorts off and tossed 'em away. Then this guy took his dick in his hand and returned his eyes to the sweethearts on the sofa.
"Came over here," Helen told to Stuart.
When the man walked over, this guy smiled at her. "Is this babe giving nice bead?""Don't talk so much and stick your dick in my throat."This babe sucked his prick during the time that Pat ate her vagina.

Spying on Mommy part 90

This babe had her legs crossed and now this babe flexed her haunch muscles to put some pressure on her clitoris. This babe suspected her pants were moist. The greater amount this babe thought about balling Christie, the greater amount turned-on this babe got.
When Stuart returned, they had the ice ball batter. Then Pat went upstairs to change. This babe exposed her garments off and looked at herself in the mirror.

Spying on Mommy part 15

Longer and thicker. This babe closed her eyes and shuddered as this babe thought of her son's dick in her butt.
This babe thought about all the men this babe'd had. The teenagers and youthful guys this babe'd picked up whenever this babe was in the mood chubby it. Maybe it was all a cover for the longing this babe had for Stuart. Maybe that was it.

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