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Joy at the beach pt9 part 4

Lastly, Two rather big police officers got out. The one and the other were nice-looking meaty individuals, not tall, but stocky and tough looking. The one and the other pulled on hats as they got out and were wearing large mirrored sunglasses.
The Two cops separated with one walking up every side of the car. The larger of the 2 came to the driver's side facing Pete.

Jealousy and Revenge part 5

Walking to the door I picked up the stone safe that was there with the spare key in it. U wouldn't know about it as it looked like each other stone but my boy-friend had one time forgotten his key during the time that I was with him. They had an alarm but if the gate code was the same I wager their alarm code was too.
Their abode was biggest I mean ours was large but this one had ours beat.

Pearl part 27

"Don't worry my dear. I'm not gonna cover your body with ink, but I
have some additions to your body that are necessary," this guy explained. "I
must emphasize that you're my property. This doesn't mean that I
will humiliate u, but you're not my paramour or girlfriend, rather you're
my sex villein. I own u; u belong to me, and I will control all

A to Z Fuckstories - D is for Double Damn! part 4

What happened to the nice little school gal?
'Holy shit, this is good.' Her tongue swirled my head as this babe came up for air.
'Yeah, my boyfriend enjoys it too.'
'Await, u men have sex?'
'Oh yeah, all the time. 'Read the bible' is code for fellatio. Sometimes this guy reads the bible, sometimes I read it. Then we go pray. And That's sex.

Lady Caylethorpe's Caning part 23

The fear of Her Ladyship had apparently been so pervasive that it had silenced all tongues. Almost any of all this guy felt a unfathomable cold anger at his wife's betrayal of the trust this guy had invested in her and the damage this babe had done to the moral fibre of his household.
Very well then; this babe need to be taught a salutary lesson.

My s****r and Our Neighbors part 8

"Are we alright clothed like this, I mean..., like, we were trying to clear a drain".
'We's all hillbillys here living in the wood, an't got no costume code here, jus' com' on over, wh't ev'r yous got's wonderful', It was Ann's turn to crack up, a nice healthy laugh.
Sue came out carrying a bottle and pulling the door behind her, 'What' this babe asked.

Milking Time B3 Chapter 1 Midnight Encounter part 9

It's kind of like the old time code of honor. We'll have Jordan respond to Barocca with a contest that we know Jordan can win, and we likewise take soever devious steps are necessary to ensure that this babe wins."
"Remember a not many things gals," told Clyda. "At the time, Jordan solely has to accept the defiance from Barocca. This babe can name the sort of contest, and when it's to be held in a pair of days.

accidental dreams pt5

All the time Jennifer and I were talking, I was working on my plan. This babe had a large advantage over me since I hadn't been aware of her so called training program. Not that I was complaining about the results, but if my efforts to give her a memorable day were to succeed, I'd need some aid and fast. Code word...toys.
I may have mentioned that I had some toys, but not the fact that I've a collection in a box beneath my daybed.

Gold Digger's Demise - The Club Comp part 13

Larry Miller had been chosen for his ability with computers. It was greater amount of a gift actually, as this guy was able to interact with a line of code greater amount easily than people. This guy had been reluctant but Steve could be persuasive, and over the final not many months, a friendship had developed. It was simple to watch why Larry had been such an simple target for Kimberly, and the 1st program that this guy had sold belonged partly to her.

Lady Caylethorpe's Caning part 29

This guy informed her that this guy was by now well aware of her poor record in discharging her duties with moral righteousness and of her frequent and unjust treatment of her servants. It was impossible, this guy said her, to maintain any type of moral authority within the abode when a senior member of the household was will not to hand out arbitrary punishments on a whim and it devalued the whole disciplinary code laid down as a foundation for the orderly running of the abode.

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