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Remote Control Villein
Part 12
During the drive back from the mall, Piss-Master kept cock-master on the floor next to the front seat. His job was to take up with the tongue Piss-Master's right foot clean of mall-dirt. From what I could hear, this guy was doing an unexpectedly enthusiastic job.
I remembered when cock-master had shown up at my door, how superior this guy had been, how this guy had humiliated me, eventually introducing me to the ally I came to know as Piss-Master.

BONUSPuppet Master #06

BONUS-Puppet Master #06

Rocco introduces u to all the sexy chicks from the movie!

Her spouse piddled her off so this babe blew me part 4

"Fuck u," I say. "U're too vagina to step up in the 1st place, I've got 1st on anything."
Cristy pulls off Master's cock to say, "I don't take it in the butt."
"Shut up," I say, as I slip my cock into her vagina.
"Oh my fucking god that feels nice," this babe says, as Master pulls her head back down.
I fuck her for a during the time that, and this babe pops betwixt Master's and Nate's throats.

The Limo Driver part 3

Here I'm in a limo all by myself looking great and high as a kite. I feel like this need to be what it is like for rock stars. After a during the time that of driving around we the one and the other needed to piddle. So this guy discovered a quiet street and parked. We the one and the other got out and piddled on the road and this guy asked where I wanted to go.

BTSPuppet Master #07

BTS-Puppet Master #07

On The Set Of "Puppet Master 7"! Fabulous BJs & More On Cam!

Sensual cougar Tori Dean is a master at the art of selfseduction

Sensual cougar Tori Dean is a master at the art of self-seduction

Sensual cougar Tori Dean is a master at the art of self-seduction

Doxy is Disgraced

A not many weeks agone I arranged a meet up with Two men Simon and Dominic the were the one and the other early forties nice looking men. they picked me up on a Friday outside college and Master drove us to a secluded spot during the time that was giving a kiss si in the back seat
Pretty soon we were in the middle of nowhere near a beach Dominic got out and dragged me out the car shoved me over the bonnet and pulled down my jeans, I was wearing a couple of my s****r little pink lacy knickers stretched with my hard pulsating dick.

Puppet Master #07

Puppet Master #07

Slavemaster Roleplay

Slave-Master Roleplay

Sex slave Dana is forced to suck and fuck her master James.

Puppet Master #04

Puppet Master #04

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