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f****y Joy Times

Final week I began to tell u a story of a Three generation f****y that has lived beneath the same roof all of their lives in f****y Joy Time. In f****y Joy Times I will tell u how this f****y became much closer. As u recall Shaun who is a youthful dark guy of 23, his Mother Nicole is 41 and Grandma Flo is 65 and I'm about to introduce the Three to every others genitals if they like it or not.

f****y Joy Times part 2

I said 'em all I was a fair guy and if mistaken I'd untie 'em and leave if their little guy could past one little test. U watch my daughter said me Shaun couldn't control his mind and when the this guy was near vagina his cock could smell it and took all the bl**d from his brain to fill his giant erection. Look if what u ladies say is true there's no way your little guy could be hard with his Mommy bound to his Grandma and with him being blind folded not even on the same daybed.

f****y Joy Times part 3

Her 2 lips parted as her jaw dropped wide open. I took his blind fold off and shoved Shaun cock 1st in-between his Mamma's tied legs. Shaun sick that dick into the vagina u came out off. No way mister u can not make me fuck my mother please please I didn't have sex with your daughter. Your right Shaun u rapped my daughter. So you're gonna **** your Mother if I've to f***e u, got it.

Dark As Coal part 5

This guy did me for ten greater amount minutes. After this guy finished this guy picked me up by the butt and kissed me. His tongue complimented mine. I pulled the back of his hair. I smiled as i kissed him. ' so are u willing to strike the deal?' i enquired. ' the deal was fixed in the encounter itself,'this guy smiled.' bastard,' i yelled. This guy kissed me .


about 20 minutes on a web page called Morpheus, downloading the songs to her
computer, which this babe would then download from her computer to her IPOD. As this babe
did this this babe carefully crossed out the songs on her list so that this babe
wouldn't download some of 'em twice like one of her allies at school did.
This babe laughed and thought to herself "no thing worse than a sucky play list

Dark As Coal part 2

I held a card with the name of our company on it. 2 Africans approached me ,i assumed it from their coal dark skin ,not that i was a racist. The one and the other of 'em were clothed in dark suits. They were tall, with well toned bodies. One of 'em asked if i was here for 'em. I asked if they were mr.johnson and mr.smith. The bald one replied ',my name is Shaun Smith.

The 1st time my wife sunbathed TOPLESS! part 3

All with no top on!!
I thought that'd be it, but as I returned with our drinks this babe was still there talking to 'em, although standing now, with her hands on her hips, which looked sexy! I walked over and told "Alright." The men introduced themselves as Darren, Steve, Shaun and John. They were all mature betwixt Twenty and 23. They told they were just chatting about the heat and where they were from, etc.

f****y Joy Times part 4

Shaun jumped to his feet and started cussing me out about be a sick depraved bastard. I laughed as I fresh this guy was acting and gagged his throat and said him that I might be depraved but that this guy was the mother fucker. Nicole lifted her head up just in time to watch a giant dick headed her way as Shaun split his mother in 2 as this guy turned her into a kabob.

Captured by Pirates

Held By Pirates
Tanya and I had been trying to keep without the way of the guys on the Pirate Ship ever since we stowed away after they sunk our ship. We had climbed aboard during the night Two weeks agone, stole some easy garments so we would costume like guys and threw our dresses overboard. The Pirates figured we were just some youthful guys from the powder magazine and didn't pay much attention to us but that wasn't to final.

Captured by Pirates part 4

We woke many hours later and could tell from the list of the ship that we were beneath way in a rigid breeze, but what surprised us was that we had been bathed, scented with perfume and clothed in some very wonderful French undergarments. We ventured out onto the heaving deck; all the guys were busy trimming the sails and attending the rigging. I asked the Captain where we were heading and this guy replied that we would be dropped off at the next English Colony along the coast.

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