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U Souldn't Say no To Kat part 2

Kat tells her no it's Okay things will work out, not to worry about it.
When Kat hung up I could watch the wheels turning in her head and knew not to receive in the way! 2 days later Sally came out her abode to go to work when Kat came up behind her and graps her arm looking her in the eye Kat says this day we receive even!! U won't say yep and not show ever afresh after this day this we know for sure..

U Souldn't Say no To Kat part 3

later Kat comes back Sally infroms her the 5 men turned into 12 men and they all came in her and she's not on the pill u know my spouse will be gone if this guy discovered out Kat takes Sally home and sitting in the car in the drive Kat says my turn receive in back Kat puts on her 9 1/Two lengthy 4in. thick strap-on receive in the backset and after lubeing up entrys Sallys butt to the hilt then slow stady unfathomable stokes then fast and hard driving unfathomable and hard Sally just in a constented state up cuming looks back at Kat mouthing I LOVE U FUCK ME FOREVER PLEASE.......................

The Public Water closet Fuckfest Part 1 part 6

It was part of Kat's petticoat that gave her away. Sharon was amazed at the length that this babe took to do this and it turned her on even greater amount. Leaning forward this babe decided to surprise Kat and let her know this babe knew this babe was there. This babe grabbed Kat's hand and pulled it away and quickly replaced her own juicy fingers into Kat's juicy shaven slit.

U Souldn't Say no To Kat

As u all know Kat can't live without to have control over her ladys and when this babe doesn't receive her way see out.. To begin this let me give u some back ground here 1st off the sweethearts in this story is Sally she's a mother of 2 gals one 12 one 16 years old she's a teachers help and very envolded in her church, this babe had falling to Kat's powers about 8 months agone ( Kat tells me that Sally is very hard to keep her in control coz this babe always feels so gulity afterward )Kat worked on her for Two 1/Two months in advance of this babe could receive her to daybed.

Beautiful Kat getting fucked hard from behind

Beautiful Kat getting fucked hard from behind

Adorable petite teenie blonde Kat getting fucked hard from behind

Mrs Jones part 3

Kat hands reached out to hold her up and grab her breasts Gail eyes buried into Kat's and one hour later Kat was in Gail's daybed and the teacher's tongue unfathomable in her snatch. The teacher taught Kat a thing or 2 about lesbo love but when Kat laid the 11" thick strap-on to her Gail was in total longing humping her hips to meet Kat's thrust begging for much greater amount.

Kat getting penetrated hard in someones house

Kat getting penetrated hard in someones house

Adorable asian teen Kat getting penetrated hard in someones house

Getting even part 2

Kat tells her part 2 now we are leaving here and you're not getting clothed the 2 go out the back way to the car where I'm awaiting.
We take her 2 the lake abode and nail her over and over filming it all we take her butt Kat with her 91/Two" strap-on me with my 9" dick her throat vagina breasts butt all use coarse and hard after about 3hours we take her back give her the garments and aid her explan her absents this babe smiles and hugs Kat saying thank u.

Kat getting her wet ass fucked in a pentagram

Kat getting her wet ass fucked in a pentagram

Small titty asian Kat getting her tight ass fucked in a pentagram

Pursue The Rules part 2

Trying to compose herself this babe invites Kat into her office and shuts the door.
Linda is beside herself seeing Kat just made her even greater amount lascivious and then the brush off was hurting bad just then the introcom came on << Becky are u willing to be my gal? OH Yep KAT well then undress know BUT---OK I WELL nice gal did u have a fun the strap-on fucking I gave u yesturday?

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