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mankind the story of all of us worksheet

Lost Sailor part 9

It was like hers were the gateway to all the answers that mankind needed to explore the stars. Maybe they were. I wasn't about to take a chance on missing any of that possibility.
Then without nowhere, Brandy reached her hand around the back of my head, pulled me to her, and kissed me greater amount passionately than I've ever been kissed in advance of in my life.

Hawt Tub Erotica

The inspiration for this story came directly from a series of pics posted by the xHamster user Crazgrrl who posted a series of pics from a night in the hawt tub with her male partner. My mind instantly athletic a story around the pics and this babe was kind sufficiently to grant permission to use 'em as the basis of this story. This is my 1st illustrated story and all pics are used with her permission but remain her property and can be seen on her profile.

The Accident (Part One)

The Prologue (In advance of the Accident)
(part one has NO SEX, it just receives the story started)
In advance of I receive into the main story, I should tell u a little bit about the setting. In the starting of the story, I'm beneath legal age, as is everybody else involved in the story. I won't tell u how old, or even real names, but for now let's just say my name is William Myers.

1st three-some with my girlfriend and my most good fri

I would like to tell a story of my 1st three-some experience, this is my 1st story so please be gentle and comments are much appreciated. The story was betwixt me(22), my girlfriend(Twenty one) and my most good ally (22). I've changed the names but the story is true.
My girlfriend Katie and I've been jointly for 3 years and are absolutely glad with our relationship, we've great sex jointly and love trying to fresh things.

Ashleigh's Chocolate Craving part 2

Ok here are the details of final night. I was in my room on one of my favourite sex story sites. I like to masturbate with my sex tool during the time that I read a nice sex story. It's great coz soever mood I'm in I can always discover a story to receive me off! On this special night I was reading a very nice i****t story about a b*****r fucking his cheerleader s****r, like I told in advance of I was very lascivious and wanted smth taboo.

Bad Betty

Like In The Old Rock Song,
by Thexxxee
Disclaimer: this story contains graphic S&m, CBT
There's an earlier story about how my ramrod was made bigger, by 2 female urology nurses. That story covers the equivalent of having a surgery effect, but out of the actual peculiar surgery. That surgery, to release the suspensory ligament, has been used for over 40 years to enlarge guys.

Sweethearts WHIPPED

This story was said to me by Shirley who u can read about in my series of stories about my Mother's ally who was my 1st love. This story had several variations when said by her and over the years my imagination has added greater amount. This babe was very turned on to tell me this story as this babe stroked me lazily to climax. I was confused back then and still am this day to a big extent to admit that a video or story about a woman being whipped can turn me on so much.

Excellent Visit From Ally with Benefits

This is the 1st time I've ever submitted a story to X-Hamster but I think everybody will love this story.
This story took place yesterday. It had started out a nice-looking crappy day. My wife and I nearly missed her doctor's appointment. During the time that there, this babe was bitching about her girlfriend (my ally with benefits) coming over after the appointment.

Slippery Susie My Mother I'd like to fuck Her Adventures Start

An excellent story written by an online ally about my sexy wife Susie, her adventures are just beginning !
Slippery Susie
by RedHairedandFriendly '
Author's Note: This story was inspired by a request from michael_stcroix
that this guy posted on the Story Ideas Forum, discovered on Lit's bulletin boards.
This is not his reality; this is a dream.

My neighbor and her teenage daughters (1)

This is not solely a fresh story for me, but likewise a significant change in direction. My loyal readers who have followed my previous stories will know that they featured a common theme, of a rock hard alpha-male who enjoyed the yielding pleasures of several obedient sweethearts and gals. I should warn u now that my leading players in this story are 'usual people,' and u won't discover the slaver aspect that's evident in my previous works.

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