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Limo Ride part 2

U undo my slacks, and pull me free and drop to your knees on the limo floor in front of me. I notice that the limo window to the driver is open slightly, I can watch the driver's eyes in the rear view mirror and she's watching, her eyes following u.
As u begin to engulf me, my hand slips below u and up beneath your costume finding your pink flaps swollen from the teasing.

Cash Made Me A Gigolo part 3

So lastly my rate was clear to me 4,000/-
As ordinary Two cars came and the one and the other were picked within an hour time and I was left alone. After awaiting for 15-20 minutes a dark corolla came and stopped in front of the bus stop. A driver with a white uniform got down from the car and came towards me. My body became hawt and started burning.

Harriet Potter part 20

At eight o'clock precisely a big yellow Fresh York cab pulled up outside Harriet's abode.
The driver looked exactly like Danny de Vito except for the pointy hat that Danny de Vito would at no time wear.
'Taxi for Miss Potter and Parker” told the driver flicking his 'taximeter” to zero $ and zero cents.
Mr Potter stood at the door in his dressing gown accidentally scratching his nuts. 'Oh yep” told Mr Potter, ' I was expecting u”.

2 Plus One part 4

U tell me to go tell the driver that we will be right out so u can go fix your hair and make up. We kiss and I go outside. U come out side, looking new and willing for our evening. I'm awaiting outside the taxi and aid u inside in advance of I receive in. U tell the driver the name of the place you've chosen for us to spend our evening and we leave.

The Masquerade Setup part 6

This guy clothed, and his driver took him to go pick up Bethany.
"Oh, I hope this goes well..." Bethany thought to herself as this babe saw the car pull up outside her place. This babe fought down a not many tummy butterflies, knowing that this babe was presenting herself to the world in a way that this babe had at no time even thought about a not many weeks in advance of.

ALL MY SINS REMEMBER'D part Three part 3

From an interior jacket pocket the driver pulled out a tiny blue-colored DVD jewel case. For a brief pont of time I was afraid it was gonna be a gun or knife that I watch and I gave a quiet sigh of relief. The disc the driver slipped into the DVD player, turned on the tiny television and on the screen came an early porn film that I did and assumed no copies existed.

The Limo Driver part 2

Pretty soon this guy says "hey, what do u think about servicing the limo in swap for use of the limo?" "I will drive u and your allies around when I don't have it booked". This sounds astounding to me as limos are still smth of a spectacle back then. So we swap numbers and about this time sl**ping hotty awakens. This guy's in no position to join the party and just sits in the limo as the driver and I receive greater amount aquatinted.

Jayne and Laurent The Red Dragon Social Club Cha part 13

Her tits were tiny but pert, and the nipps vertical. This babe kicked off her heels and was lastly nude. This babe leaned over and kissed Laurent deeply in advance of breaking off to whisper an instruction to him.
Laurent slid the driver's seat back as far as it would go, in advance of opening the driver's door. The gal awkwardly clambered over, banging her knee of the steering wheel, until this babe was sat, still facing Jayne, in Laurent's lap.

The Limo Driver

This is my 1st story and it's all true.
At age 21I was like any sex craved youthful guy. Nice looking, thin, tan with short hair and not much body hair I got my fair share of vagina but almost any of the gals my age were just not very joy in the sack. I had a pair large breakups and a not many one nighters. It was during one of these dry spells that a ally I've known since grade school was turning Twenty one.

Susan's Island Guy part 2

Susan asked the taxi driver to take us to a local's
hangout. Susan was wearing a short little sundress that
showed off her great figure and ample cleavage. The
driver who took each opportunity to check Susan out,
suggested a tiny club.
"I'm sure u will like the place miss, not sure about
the mister," this guy told with a wink and a smile that stripped

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