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1st text translated into English part 13

I nearly at no time swallowed wine, the Roman oracle would have probably seen a sign ...
I looked up nearly mechanically when I heard the server came to greet her and suggest a table for one person, that there even beside me.
A short green costume and light hair with red highlights, hair fairly short and styled in a battle that piercing gaze rested upon me.

The Tea Shop (Ding-dong themed)

My 1st attempt at writing a story.
I had answered an ad on-line for a local tea shop that was hiring. "Upscale Tea Shop Needs Milk Server - discretion is a need to" read the add. Why would a tea shop need discretion? - I thought... I had not actually intended to work at the tea shop. I just went in to apply for the job so, I could keep receiving my unemployment that I had been getting for the final 4 months.

The Reapers

The Reapers
Friday Afternoon:
They stood in the restaurant lobby.
' For 3?', asked the hostess.
They were here to set a matter str8.
'This way, Table 1.'
An infidelity. They were here to fill an unfaithful wife with a heavenly gangbanging climactic end.
'Your server will be with u shortly!', told the hostess as this babe scurried her constricted butt away.

One Day But Not Tonight part 2

It took almost a year in advance of this guy was able to receive greater amount than a easy hi without her. This babe wasn't the finest woman in the building, but this babe was one of the not many this guy wanted and hadn't screwed yet. This guy discovered almost any of the stuck-up executive sweethearts this guy worked with were freaks on the down-low.

The Past of the Great Takuri and his Gift

January Thirty. 2012
This is my 1st Journal entry. Why do people write a journal? Probably coz they're lonely. But I, the great Takuri, or at least that's what I'm calling myself those days, am at no time lonely. No I'm writing this journal so that other people can watch, can read what great things I've done and where I've erred. It feels like I'm writing the truth.

ARPITA One time A bitch Always a Bitch part II part 5

Arpita kept close to 'em, so that this babe didn't receive lost.
Pretty soon they had spotted a vacant corner with sufficiently space for 'em to lounge, and they were quick to occupy it in advance of anybody else could. 'I will receive some swallow' Anjan shouted to make himself heard above the loud music, and then disappeared towards the bar. Rahul sat next to Arpita, and put his hand on her undressed haunch, 'U alright?

Christmas in Delaware

This is my 1st story so be good. It happened on Christmas Eve 2012. We went to visit Emmy's f****y out on the East Coast. Emmy and I had always wanted to fuck outside somewhere and the opportunity had at no time presented itself until now. Now being a Hoosier I at no time had the opportunity to go out to the beach and watch the Atlantic, so we decided to go walk the beaches.

One Night in Bangkok

So this is my 1st crack at putting into words one of my very many raunchy adventures. I'm sure the paragraph and sentence structure will be lacking, but undressed with me as I proceed mastering the art of writing those erotic stories.
This is a recent story that occurred December of 2012. The names have been changed, but the locations and details are real and true.

Jessy's Diary Part Two

Jessys Diary, January 10th 2012
Here we are afresh, dear diary. I thought, I tell u a bit greater amount about my life, in advance of I begin making supper for my spouse.
As u know, my life kinda changed with this youthful man named Karl, who invited me as his date for our prom. U might be wondering, if smth happened that night. Well, let me begin at the starting.

One Day But Not Tonight part 3

This babe put on her white smock and checked the wall-mounted thermostat. The server room was the normal sixty-seven degrees. This babe slipped without her Dark Jimmy Choo pumps and into her well-worn Sea blue Finn Comfort "Soho" sneakers, which sat under the coat rack.
"Fuck! I need to have left my coffee cup in my car," Natasha thought as this babe sat her firm round butt in her ergonomic dark leather chair. "I should ask Calvin to receive if for me," This babe smiled at the thought.

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