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about 20 minutes on a web page called Morpheus, downloading the songs to her
computer, which this babe would then download from her computer to her IPOD. As this babe
did this this babe carefully crossed out the songs on her list so that this babe
wouldn't download some of 'em twice like one of her allies at school did.
This babe laughed and thought to herself "no thing worse than a sucky play list

An Army View of Murphy's Law part 4

The winner at no time has defend against war crimes.
(the following were submitted by Michael Lousha)
All five second fuses final Three seconds.
The easy things are always hard.
The simple way is always mined
If you're short of anything except enemy, you're in combat.
Incoming fire has the right of way.
When you've finished securing an area, don't forget to tell the enemy.

An Army View of Murphy's Law part 5

When a Captian says "Okay, I've made a decision" 1. When a Warrent Officer says "Hey....see this....."
When ever u dump equipment in advance of going into combat that u don't need....u will need it. (Like the guys who went to rescue the downed helicopter in Semolia, who dumped their night vision goggles coz it was daytime....oops, the battle lasted into the night.)

A bit of Posh! part 2

tall, well-groomed, salt and pepper hair (tasty), nice physique'. Yes! I thought to myself' this guy will almost any of course do!!! We relaxed in the conservatory with a glass (or not many in my case) of wine for a during the time that (in an attempt to combat the apparent nerves) in advance of joining 'Eeyore' in the lounge. I had chosen to costume fairly conservatively (for me at least), but did feel this guy was relaxed sufficiently for me to lay my legs across his lap as we sat on the sofa.

Scott Daddy and me

At 17 I at no time dreamed that I'd be returning to live with my father. I told 'I do' to my high school playgirl that year. The problem was, over the next five years this guy would proceed to say 'I do' to each woman that winked at him and after our 1st year of teaching, I told, 'Sufficiently,' and had no where else to go.
Fortunately, that was likewise the summer when my little b*****r was gonna leave our tiny city where this guy had worked since this guy was 15 in the medical equipment center and go for 6 weeks of basic training and Two weeks of advanced combat medical training with the army reserve.

The River part 2

The property had a big modern wooden post and beam horse stable with extra guest quarters athletic in. The one story native rock rambling abode sat up a slope overlooking the river that gave nice views for several hundred yards up and down the river. The abode had a big wide flagstone back porch for entertaining, the dom bedroom, dom bathroom and guest bedrooms all shared the river view at the rear of the abode as all rooms had floor to ceiling, wall to wall one-way glass.

Harriet Potter part 41

'They even have 'cruise control” and handle bars to steer with” this guy mumbled
The 'sticks” did in fact look nice-looking modern those days being smooth wooden stick with a traditional brush on one end (for effect it was told” Handle bars on the other and along with some 'high tech 'stuff had 2 prominent 'pegs” . One for slit entry which gave amazing manoeuvrability and some other for arsehole entry as an additional feature for height control!

My real story part 22

Now some other test. Come into the kitchen."
I followed him into the modern kitchen, stumbling a little in the stilettos, but nonetheless loving the feel of being nude except for a couple of sweethearts's shoes.
In the kitchen, this guy went to a cupboard and got a wineglass out and gave it to me.
"Chris, u will discover that from time to time, I will test your obedience to me and your Uncles.

BiCurious Couples #06

Bi-Curious Couples #06

Tara wants a modern boyfriend who fucks guys with her!

Basic Training part 19

Fast and as dexterous as this babe was, the black haired woman was
unable to keep pace with the wonder of modern technology and the
cataclysmic explosion it produced in it is recipient. Still, her
detailed knowledge of her own body was sufficiently to quickly produce
a pleasuring release. A tiny down payment of the fun this babe
anticipated when this babe replaced her fingers with Holly's enjoyable

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