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His plan was devious, but likewise brilliant. Ever since this guy and his s****r were k**s, their father had clothed up as Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, so that if the c***dren got too curious and snuck downstairs, they would watch St. Nicholas himself placing presents beneath the tree.
Daddy had kept this tradition alive for a nice 18 years; and at least seven years after the c***dren had "stopped believing" in such frivolities.

Santa Claus cum early (non fiction)

This story is non fiction but would love to be Santa Claus.
It was close to christmas and my parents decided to have a fancy costume abode party, people had to costume in seasonal costumes. As the guests arrived all types of costumes where there from snowman to not so little elves to santa's aid[ers anf of cause santa him self.
My parents clothed in great costumes mum was a sexy santa helper and daddy as The grinch.

Santa Claus got enticed by hawt college gals

Santa Claus got seduced by hot college girls

Warm with champagne, the hawt university gals wanted greater amount humorous contests, and we decided to select the most good cocksmoker among those hawt college doxies. Do u think that some of 'em were too shy to engulf dick in front of the camera? Hell no! I'll...

Having a tricky old teacher that gets wasted and dresses up as Santa isn't always a good idea

Having a tricky old teacher that gets wasted and dresses up as Santa isn't always a good idea

Tricky old teacher find a bottle and decides to get shitfaced quickly before dressing up as Santa Claus. He doesn't realise that he has an appointment with a student, so has to take care of things pissed and wearing a Santa suit. Just as well he ends up fucking really!

Dish of the day Cumwhore Delight! part 4

This babe was sore, stretched and sticky in and over all her holes when they appeared to be to be close to climaxing.
'That's it, fill me with your whorecum everywhere!!' and they all released their loads greater amount or less at the same time. Her throat was filled and overflowed with cum, despite this babe doing her most good to drink as much as this babe could, 3 dicks pumping litres and litres of it into her, the brown shaggy hair was filled with it and this babe could give Santa Claus a run for the cash with her cumbeard.

I Like Dirty Old Men #05 Xmas Edition

I Like Dirty Old Men #05 Xmas Edition

Santa claus fucks a brunette and comes on her tits.

Teen Eye Candy #07

Teen Eye Candy #07

Cute Little Mika Tan Wishes To Fuck Santa Claus For Chrismas

I SAW Mom part 3

In fact, it didn't aid that Brad had 2 gorgeous sweethearts in the abode. If this guy couldn't have sex with his hawt mommy, this guy had to at least try to daybed his s****r. But this guy knew that the one and the other goddesses were strictly "off restrictions".
But there was smth about his mother that made his excitement burn greater amount than his teenage s****r.

Yuletide Mindfuck part 20

Santa-girl continued to
masturbate him gently and tongue his nuts. This guy marshalled all his mental resources to
keep control.
'Hello,' told the red-head, drawing unsuspectingly up to the counter. 'I wonder if u could
aid me.' This babe was strikingly impressive with pale, lightly-freckled skin and green eyes.
This didn't aid the situation.

I SAW Mom part 4

"Daddy's sloshed," Brad's s****r Kimberly told with a wink.
This babe was looking incredibly cute in her constricted red sweater, but Brad remained focused on his target: Mrs. Claus. Brad eyed the clock'11:45pm.
"Well, I'm off to daybed," this guy announced, and climbed the stairs behind his tipsy father.
That night, Brad didn't fantasy of sugarplums.

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