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tai window 7 loader v.1.7

my mommy and my fantasy gal part 23

I licked up and down her pink flaps, hearing her groan after each tongue jack off. I knew I had to take this further. I shoved my tongue in and without her slit, making my mommy groan loader as I licked faster. Then I discovered her clitoris. I sucked and nibbled until this babe couldn't take anymore. 'Oh yep! Will! Anymore and I'm gonna explode,' and as I flicked harder her cum burst into my throat.

Hard Bodies Gym part 9

Her panties were now saturated with with her vagina juice and my saliva. I shoved my tongue hard against her panties forcing it into her vagina. Her groans got loader as i screwed her with my tongue throughout her panties. That's when we were interupted by an older gentleman who entered the room. If her sitting on my face did not raise suspicion, I'm sure my dick tent did that as it seemed a foot tall in my shorts.

How I met Gilbert ... part 2

But Monday came ans as I was walking home I had to pass by the corner abode. And as I did I saw the curtains on the back window move.
I thought of running home but thought more good of it since no one was there but me. I stood on the corner looking at the window untill I got up sufficiently courage to cross the street and make my way to the window and tap on it very, very lightly.

Fucking My FWB in the Office In Front of the Win part 2

This guy ate me for a not many minutes then stopped and told what are we doing here in front of the sidewalk windows? Are u mad!
I turned to him, kissed him....tasting my essence on his lips...and said him don't worry it's one way glass...we can look out but all anyone sees is a reflection of themselves if they look into the window. To prove the point I walked up to the full window just as a college gal stopped to check her makeup in the window...I was right on the other side stroking my dick just inches from her crotch...and this babe just kept checking herself out.


have an agreement, that neither one of us closes the curtains in either his
window or in my window. We've got this agreement, of soever happens in
the other abode, then the looking is all free and for joy. Certainly this guy's
a homosexual man, and we discover it joy to just sit and kinda see what's happening
in the other place! I know, voyeurism, ---but hey, watching someone else

Fortunate Opportunity to Peep part 4

As risky as I knew it was, I was compelled to sneak across the yard, duck in the shrubbery next to her abode, and receive close sufficiently to peep in the window. 1st I had to discover a break in the shrubs and had to move behind 'em very lazily to keep from making any noise. My 1st jack off of luck was the fact that one of the pedestals around the vents leading beneath the abode was directly under Beverly's window.

Guys Will Be Guys part 26

could watch the pink bottoms of her feet; her short legs widen wide, my
buddy's butt thrusting faster and faster. I watched Skinner break the kiss,
and could now hear her groans loader out of his throat to muffle 'em.
Her breasts were bouncing up and down with each thrust, and I knew this guy was
willing to cum at the sight. I stroked my dick a not many greater amount times and stifled

Baby Doll

I was getting willing for daybed when the light from my neighbour's bedroom window came on. I was Eighteen and had just finished my freshman year in college. I looked into the window, which was underneath mine, and saw a gorgeous Negro lady. This babe was wearing a reservoir top and shorts. Her window was wide open coz it was very hawt. I just now turned my light off so that this babe wouldn't watch me peeping.

His Smutty Little Doxy part 4

His dick, locked up inside his constricted jeans, was willing to explode. This guy slid his zip open and it burst out, strong. This guy held her face down with one hand as this guy f***ed his dick betwixt her legs with the other. This babe pour out a load moan as this guy shoved his dick unfathomable inside her. This guy could feel her contracting around his dick, gripping it tightly; this guy grabbed her shoulders and tried to ram it harder and further inside her, this guy'd waited all night to empty his cum inside her and this guy wanted to make sure this guy gave her a fuck to remember!

Showing off

Like I've told, I love to show off in public. I was going throughout a drive thru the other day....jacking off certainly. I gotta the window to receive my food and there was a hawt dark babe there. This babe made my dick hard as a rock!! I lifted my hips up just as this babe was handing my swallow out the window. This babe looked down, saw me stroking my cock and smiled from ear to ear.

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