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The Past of the Great Takuri and his Gift

January Thirty. 2012
This is my 1st Journal entry. Why do people write a journal? Probably coz they're lonely. But I, the great Takuri, or at least that's what I'm calling myself those days, am at no time lonely. No I'm writing this journal so that other people can watch, can read what great things I've done and where I've erred. It feels like I'm writing the truth.

Christmas in Delaware

This is my 1st story so be good. It happened on Christmas Eve 2012. We went to visit Emmy's f****y out on the East Coast. Emmy and I had always wanted to fuck outside somewhere and the opportunity had at no time presented itself until now. Now being a Hoosier I at no time had the opportunity to go out to the beach and watch the Atlantic, so we decided to go walk the beaches.

One Night in Bangkok

So this is my 1st crack at putting into words one of my very many raunchy adventures. I'm sure the paragraph and sentence structure will be lacking, but undressed with me as I proceed mastering the art of writing those erotic stories.
This is a recent story that occurred December of 2012. The names have been changed, but the locations and details are real and true.

Jessy's Diary Part Two

Jessys Diary, January 10th 2012
Here we are afresh, dear diary. I thought, I tell u a bit greater amount about my life, in advance of I begin making supper for my spouse.
As u know, my life kinda changed with this youthful man named Karl, who invited me as his date for our prom. U might be wondering, if smth happened that night. Well, let me begin at the starting.

Large Dark Dick for a sissy doxy

I was in Fresh Orleans back in July of 2012. It was so hawt. I was lascivious and hadn't been screwed in over 6 months. I don't actually care for some of the clubs in NOLA. So after walking around downtown for a not many hours and getting all lascivious and bothered I went back to my hotel on Chef Mentuer Hwy, right beside the Adult Theater. (I purposely picked that hotel.

Rosalyn's trip to a stripclub 09/22/2012 part 3

I kissed her asscheek, navel, neck, breasts and her cheek. I sucked on her nipps, and then this babe sat her giant butt on my "clitoris" during the time that leaning on my chest with her next to mine I nibbled on her ear lobe during the time that one hand was on a titty and the other was betwixt her asscheeks and this babe was lifting her leg up in the air.

All the Way to Heaven part 13

They were making love now, ardent, hawt, perspired love. The muscles in his back, haunches, arms, and ass flexed and this guy cried out into the night, 'Ohhhhhhhh God,' as this guy experienced his own personal heaven.
This guy collapsed onto her, breathless. 'Are u ok?' this guy asked, genuinely anxious for her well-being.
Taisha comforted him with her whispers and enjoyable, soft kisses on his face and lips.

I Made Smutty Phone Calls To Me Boy-friend's Younger part 6

This guy told, 'Nah, it's okay. Leave it. Me and my bruv jerk off ourselves off all the time and we leave our semen everywhere. Mum and Daddy don't mind.'
I got clothed and I panicked a bit cuz I was thinking: what if my boy-friend comes in and catches me here with his younger bruv nude like this? I said him to put his garments on.
This guy told, 'Chill out.'

Hawt Maid

Hi all,
This story is about my lascivious sex experience with my hawt maid servant. As people normally write in advance of going about sharing their experience, I'd likewise like to state that this is a real story. And I mean real, by all possible means.
Let me go about explaining things to each single detail that I can remember of. Coz, this was one outstanding experience that gives me unstoppable hard-ons even now when I think of it.

Rosalyn's trip to a stripclub 09/22/2012

I'd like to share and tell u all about my trip tonight to a stripclub. It all started when I left the local bar after having a not many drinks and hanging out with some co-workers. I then decided to go to the nearest stripclub, fortunate for me I had a free-pass for the put in question :). I went in bought a beer and checked out the "dancers" I'm butt and titty sort of gal.

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