» the stranger inside movie 2012 online subtitrat

the stranger inside movie 2012 online subtitrat

Nazi fetish part 4

U: Corny. Might even kill my hardon
Stranger:http://i51.tinypic.com/wv39ki.jpg and my heart monitor pic from final week
Stranger: and that is it
U: Well I'll have smth to read when I fuck u from behind
Stranger: mein kampf?
U: ha-ha-ha
Stranger: oh u mean the tats
Stranger: ROTFL
U: How about I put on my east German trench coat and fuck u like the bad little Jewess you're?

A ally's fantasy

Dedicated to BLPH75
All started with some messages exchanged on Xhamster after I find some stolen movie and pictures of her enchanting wife.
She's one of the almost any sensual woman I ever seen, with her plenty and luscious butt.
Maybe this babe's in her forties but still in great form.
Further the atmosphere of a stolen movie where a lady is moving around u*********s that her intimacy will be shared with million of stranger makes me lascivious.

Nazi fetish part 3

Stranger: soever
Stranger: would u like to watch some other?
U: Yep
Stranger: black me, or virginal me?
U: Breasts at a minimum
Stranger: oh I've no thing nude
Stranger: but I suppose that means black me then
U: Okay
Stranger: hold on
U: So what town are u in Sophia?
Stranger: east coast let us leave it at that
U: U can't nail it down to a state at least?

Nazi fetish

Stranger: I've a sl**p disorder
U: Some other psychosomatic piece of bs
Stranger: no, i was in a bad car accident and hit my head very hard. the solely remnant is a sl**p problem
U: I could cure u with a firm slap to the face and a night of vigorous love making
Stranger: well that really sounds pleasant
U: Take any ache meds?
Stranger: when i need 'em.

Nazi fetish part 5

Stranger: as u will *bowed head*
U: I watch you're hairless. I will check your hair.
U: How many sex partners have u had gal?
U: How many!!!!
Stranger: i said u Sir!!!
U: Grabs chin and f***es head upward. Look at me!!
Stranger: mmmmm
U: Five! Typical Jew bitch.
U: I need to give u a pelvic exam to make sure you're disease free.

Nazi fetish part 2

U: Germans.
Stranger: hmmm why?
U: jk. Nazi unis are nice-looking sexy. Fascist had great tailors.
Stranger: yep they did. the nazis did no thing arbitrarily. that uniform was designed to leak force
U: U need to love Jesse James then.
Stranger: I've a pic of me in a real nazi death's head hat
U: I was a Marine. That's nearly a Nazi.

Satin Tranniy bride Screwed in the Sunshine Part

This is a Dream I'd LOVE to come true.
I'm a late 40s CD/TV who is VERy bi curious. I've been dressing for many years but solely latterly discovered what I like and what I desire. I love satin, have a smokin' fetish and love talking smutty online. I requent almost any of the ordinary places online and many chat rooms.
I met Phil online during the time that i cruised one day and we chatted for many weeks.

An afternoon at the Mall part 7

The stranger laughed and appeared to be to hesitate, then this guy ripped my pants off. I was stripped, horrified, and petrified about what might pursue.
I sensed the stranger behind me, and expected the heartless slap of the whip that Megan had used on Sandy. Instead, I felt the tip of his hard dick against me. This guy shoved, commanding me to take him.

Nazi fetish part 6

U: Sophia it's our custom here to let all the field grade officers take the nubile youthful jewesses.
Stranger: yep, Sir (mmMMMMMM ughhhh)
U: In this case I'm not sure I crave to share my personal chamber maid.
Stranger: as u crave, Sir
U: U may speak now. Shall Lt. Kessler set in himself into u as I take notes?
Stranger: soever u crave Sir

Pearl part 14

"Don't worry, my pet. This is just a tool to ensure that u stay
obedient. If u give me any trouble, it will be sent out, and as u
know, one time smth is out online it's out there forever. Notice I put
your phone number at the end of the movie. If I do send it out, u'll
receive all sorts of fresh customers, and they won't desire aid with their

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