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zenonia 5 wizard pvp build

Harriet Potter part 17

It's worth mentioning at this point that there're approximately 250,000 witches on the planet at any given time . Almost any are 'hereditary” witches and some have newly acquired powers from where …. No one knew.
There're a lesser number of Wizards,in the region of 10,000 . Almost any witches and wizards are English although not all .

Harriet Potter part 31

Molly bent over her allocated steel bedstead and presented her booty to Dom Cuntly for 'Posturisation” as this guy called it in respect for the old Wizard who had invented this marvellous lotion.
'Widen these cheeks” snapped Cuntly . Molly widen as wide as possible as this babe didn't desire some other dose of that horrible cane afresh this day.

Harriet Potter part 30

Harriet rather bravely put up her hand … 'Please sir” this babe asked meekly
'What told Cuntly”
'What happens if I can not shit” told Harriet ,a question they had all thought but not dared to ask…..
'Oh don't worry about that gals” told Dom Cuntly, 'U will wanna , make no doubt of me u will” !
End of Chapter four

Road trip into heaven part 13

During the time that one agonorgasmos subsided, a second started to build. I had 2 fingers massaging her g-spot during the time that i shifted my body up, taking a nipp in my throat. I sucked and nibbled on one nipp, during the time that with my other hand, I fondled the other. I could feel her build, as this babe her widen legs and started to quiver.

Harriet Potter part 35

This babe had likewise been arsehole fingered thoroughly!
Grandmaster Griffendome had no trouble to speak of with his gals but had subjected 3 of 'em to a nice 'finger fucking” coz they were especially nice-looking and had good bottoms and slits.
The final of the houses was 'Birching” which was the domain of Grande Dom Adolphus von Fuckstien of Bavaria, a rather sinister and younger Wizard who was a bit of a loner but nevertheless it was told 'Had great and unusual powers” but no one knew who had told it.

Room service part 3

I started to speed up, feeling my agonorgasmos build up and hearing Lesley's approach her as well, her face and body contorting in what looked like ache but was in fact ecstasy. 'Am almost there, am going to fill u with cum', 'do, do I wanna feel u fill me up' Lesley groaned. With that I came, sending Lesley into convulsions as I filled her with cum.

The other men cock part 5

Your vagina gives u away. It's so juicy now it's dribbling out and u can feel it oozes over your booty aperture. This guy keeps feeding me your juice and I make sure I take up with the tongue each final drop I can off his dick and kiss the underside of the head for nice measure.
It's time to receive back to teasing your little bud. "Fuck her slow and unfathomable now then gradually build up your speed".

Sharing Wives a swapping story part 2

It isn't actually swinging but it's about as close as a pair can receive out of crossing the line. Although, if my plan worked as I had hoped, the line would be crossed.
As expected, Josh, Melissa's spouse, wasn't actually into the idea of going out to dinner with 'allies'. Melissa had to talk him into coming. Josh stands about 5'10'' tall, and is about 200 lbs., slightly balding, but with a stocky build for a taller man.

A coarse romp in the woods part 8

"You're actually a nice gal. You're making me glad and coz of that I'm gonna award u with a gift in the form of a good facial."
And with that I ripped off the cock rubber and knelt over her. I went so my ball were over her forehead and my dick pointing towards her throat. I still had a little way to build it up so I just sat there and stroked it hard as I continued to receive closer and closer.

Guys of the Middle East Part 1 part 2

This guy was about 5' 10" tall, very rock hard build and was black... very black...dark eyes... with thick eyebrows and mustache. I noticed this guy had a gun hidden beneath his jacket worn in a shoulder holster. I asked Ehab, our e****t, about this and this guy said me the guy was there for our security. I, for one, felt greater amount secure every time I looked at the bulge in his panties.

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